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When it comes to keeping your property beautiful and free from all faults, rendering services prove to be extremely useful. Are you bugged by the crack in that wall across the hall? We at Sydney Rendering offer rendering services like no other to cater to all of your needs. Our services include the following:

1. Cement Rendering
2. Acrylic Rendering
3. Clay Rendering
4. Plastering

We'll get back to these four individual services later. To understand how rendering helps, you'll have to understand it in detail first.

What is Rendering?

Rendering is the process in which cement and other mixtures are applied as plasters on the external walls to help homeowners achieve their desired texture. This technique is similar to the plastering of the inner walls. Depending on what you need, we provide a rendering service that will get the job done.
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Rendering Services

Cement Rendering

As the name suggests, cement is the material used in this type of rendering. Cement render mixes are prepared and then used to coat the walls that you wish to render. Given the fact that most buildings nowadays are made of cement and concrete, this type is among the best and most common options.

In cement rendering, premixed layers of lime, sand, and cement are prepared and applied on walls made of cement, mud brick, stone, or bricks. Whether you prefer striking colours or nude hues, coarse or smooth, the creative limits are endless when it comes to this type of rendering.

Acrylic Rendering

This second type involves the addition of polymer additives to traditional render mixes creates what is known as an acrylic mix. In terms of durability and resistance to water, it easily beats cement mixes, making it a popular and efficient option nowadays.

Another advantage of using this is that it can be used on numerous surfaces, including bricks and uneven concrete. When mixed evenly, it can even be applied on smoother surfaces, among of which are polymer exterior claddings.

Clay Rendering

Clay rendering is another technique that has recently been making rounds among homeowners and people in the rendering industry. In this approach, clay acts as a plasticizer in areas where sand has less clay content. This technique is deemed as one of the best due to its excellent binding property, and it is applicable for most surfaces except a few challenging ones, such as a polymer cladding. 

Clay rendering can result in a beautifully smooth feel and texture to your walls and is best for beautification and decorative projects.


Most people often interchange rendering and plastering, as both are processes that aim to coat walls with a layer of premixed materials like sand, lime, and cement.

However, rendering is done for the exterior and uses more cement to ensure that it can withstand the harshest weather conditions. On the other hand, plastering uses less and is done on the interior to achieve the smoothest finish possible. Paint and wallpapers can then be applied once the plaster is completely set and dry.
Scaffolding around a residential property in Sydney with rendering works done
Rendering job in Sydney nearing completion

How is the rendering mix prepared?

Lime, cement, sand, and water are common ingredients in terms of rendering. However, as we have previously mentioned, some types require other materials such as clay and acrylic.

One of the most common ratios that are used for rendering is using six parts of sand, one part of lime, and one part of cement, but it still depends on the surface that you are rendering on to. Here are a few things to take note of:

1. The sand to be used should not be of the building variant. It must either be rendering or plastering sand, as the former tends to shrink and crack. However, you can choose to add some building sand to the base layering.
2. Adding more than a part of lime to cement is not exactly a good idea, as cement helps lime set.
3. Some put more than a part of cement, but that would probably cause the render to crack.
4. Lastly, don't forget to make sure that the surface to be rendered is free of any dirt!

Use of additive and pigments in the mix

Incorporating additives help in enhancing the bond and slows down the process of drying. If you're looking to spice things up, you can also add pigments of your liking. Lime can be used to lend the render a smooth texture, increase elasticity, and ensure that the plaster does not crack after drying.

Mixing and applying the render

We've talked about the preparation and materials, so now, the question is, how is the render mixed?

A cement mixer is used to mix the render thoroughly to ensure that it binds well to the walls. Once ready, it can be applied using a trowel.

At Sydney Rendering, we apply multiple coats and a thin topcoat to achieve your preferred texture and decorative effects. A trowel, a brush, or a sponge may be used for applying topcoats.

Materials like acrylic and clay can be incorporated to enhance the strength and water-resistant properties of the render mix. These types of render mixes can be applied to surfaces that are pretty challenging, such as cement sheets, concrete, or cladding. Some of these may also be sprayed on using equipment made for this purpose.

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For old buildings, lime mortar is preferred over cement, notably if lime mortar was used during the building's initial construction. This offers a great deal of flexibility, so the renders won't crack easily. Lime mortar renders also exhibits breatheability that lets the moisture escape but has longer setting times.

As for the newer ones, more modern materials like acrylic, cement, or clay renders are used. Aside from the strength and flexibility that they offer, they also come with properties that allow colors and pigments to be added to them; not only will your walls be long-lasting, but exquisite-looking, too!

Having read about everything in detail, you might have already gotten a few ideas about the benefits of rendering. Let us list some explicitly before we talk more about our services.

Benefits of Rendering

While mentioning the various services, we have probably implied some of the advantages that wall renderings offer, but that may not be all. Here's a list of benefits that can give you ample reasons for rendering your exteriors if you are still in two minds.

1. Protects/waterproofs the house/building

Rendering is done with a motive to ensure that the brickwork beneath it is protected from water that may penetrate it. As such, rendering ensures that your home is waterproof, and there is no water seepage and subsequent damage to walls.

2. Improves the property's aesthetics

A new render coat on your property truly enhances your property's overall ambience. It's like giving your old-looking property a makeover! Furthermore, you can choose from the endless color options that are available to match your vibes.

3. Improves the thermal performance of your house

Rendering adds an additional layer of insulation. It keeps your house cooler and helps you save on air conditioning bills.

4. Improves the durability and longevity of walls

Your external walls are under constant exposure to sunlight, wind, and water. Over time, they may get damaged and eventually crumble, but after the rendering is done and paint is applied, the walls tend to become extremely strong and durable. No matter the harshest winter winds or intense summer sun, we can guarantee that your walls will still stand tall.

5. Improves the value of your property

If you plan to move to a new place somewhere along the line, then you should probably get your walls rendered. Why? Because not only does it improve the look and feel of your property, but also its ability to withstand changing climates. With that said, once you sell off your property, you'd surely get a better deal than a house with old, broken-down exteriors.

With all those benefits and many more all the way, rendering services are a must-have when it comes to fixing shabby exteriors and giving them a new life. Many service providers provide a wide range of rendering services, but we at Sydney Rendering do it a little differently.
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We at Sydney Rendering are specialists in all sorts of rendering work mentioned. We are known for exemplary work both on complete wall renderings and finishing as well as repairs and restoration work. Besides, there are certain aspects of our work that sets us apart. We are driven by business values that form the basis of everything we do. These are as follows:

• Quality Service
We always strive to ensure that we deliver only the top-tier service at all times and under all circumstances. Our delivery excellence has received many customer testimonials, and we continue to ensure there is no compromise on service quality no matter what. Happy customers are what we aim for, and that keeps us up on our toes.

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We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who know their work well. We ensure that we finish the projects that undertake with utmost finesse and precision, and deliver the best results when you choose us for the project. We strive to make sure that we do not give you any reason to complain or be disappointed.

Our values are enshrined in the ethics of our company, and we aim to give 100 percent to every project. We believe that customer satisfaction starts right from the inquiry, and so, you can contact us for a free evaluation. Our experts would then visit your property to evaluate the amount of work required. They'll provide you with a free quotation, and once it's agreed upon, they'll start working right away.

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