Cement Rendering
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Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the most commonly used type of rendering. If you're from Sydney, you've probably noticed a lot of homes with this because it's durable and can last a lifetime. Read on to know more!

Materials Used

Different types of renders cater to different requirements. Most of these are premixed and are available in the market. What sets cement rendering apart from is its simplicity. It primarily consists of sand, lime, and cement, and mixed with water at the site of construction.

  • Sand

This is the cheapest part of the rendering mix. Two types are used in the cement render mixture: coarse for the base, and fine sand for the top layer. Six parts of the sand are used in the mix of the cement render.

  • Cement

As the name implies, cement is the main component of the mixture. Only one part is needed in the ratio, as too much might cause the render to crack.

  • Lime

Finally, lime is the ingredient that adds elasticity to the render. Without this, cracks can appear and damage the walls.  Similar to the cement, the mix requires only one part of lime.  

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Additional Designs

Some premixed renders are already colored, so they don't require any coloring once applied. However, as for cement, it would be best to add texture or a coat of paint to match your property's theme.

  • Painting

Perhaps the most common thing to do after rendering, paint is applied to give the wall a dash of color.

  • Coloring

If you want to make your piece pop, powder pigment dyes would do the trick. These are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, adding a layer of protection to your walls. Moreover, it guarantees a quicker process compared to painting as this can be incorporated into the rendering mix.

  • Texturing

People often use this technique to cover up rendering flaws, but with Sydney Rendering, we assure you that the only reason for you to texture your walls is to give it a unique, artistic touch.


Why use cement rendering?

There are some upsides in using cement in comparison to other rendering types. We have listed some below for your convenience.

  • Low-cost

As previously mentioned, cement rendering typically requires only three ingredients, making it a great candidate if you’re currently on a tight budget.

  • Durable

You’d surely get more than your money’s worth when you opt for cement rendering. It lasts 4-5 years before repainting and safeguards your walls from cracks or other damages. 

  • Easy to apply

Unlike other types, this does not require special tools or skills to get the render applied to your walls. Still, it would be best to hire professional companies like Sydney Rendering to efficiently get the job done.